AI, meet AL

Hanging with a robot in Korea

It was always going to happen. As the world speeds inexorably towards the internet of every-single-damn-thing and data dungheaps smother every corner of life, my career at the keyboard was inevitably going to run into artificial intelligence.

I suppose that it’s best that at least I’m writing about AI, and it’s not writing about me – yet. The project is called “Kulturtechniken 4.0” and is a major part of my new role with Goethe-Institut Australia, a German language and culture institute in Sydney where I now work part-time as online editor. Continue reading

Breakfast radio

For the past few months I’ve been getting up early to talk sport on Radio National’s breakfast programme.

It’s not a permanent gig – I’ve been subbing in for their normal sports guru Warwick Hadfield, who is away on an extended break – but it’s been an interesting period to be covering sport.

Over the past month the Women’s Football World Cup, the Cricket World Cup and Wimbledon have all provided plenty of storylines.

Continue reading

Back at the ABC


It’s a bit late to “go breaking” on this… but I do have some important news to pass on.

I have ended my time at dpa and moved back to the ABC. It was a great experience at Germany’s biggest newswire and I learned a lot about editorial judgement, working with correspondents and fact-checking. I’m very thankful to the small but competent team there at Rhodes. Continue reading

The big freeze

It’s not often that you get to see world class sport mixed with daily political intrigue – but that’s what seems to be served up each day at this year’s Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

I am covering the event here in South Korea until February 25 for dpa and so far it really feels like the world’s eyes are watching the daily events here in South Korea. Many of the athletes have already sensed this too, I think. Continue reading

Showing leadership


I recently took part in an Emerging Leaders course at the University of Sydney. In order to be selected, I had to write an old-fashioned essay examining how leaders strike the  balance between focussing on financial outcomes and tolerance in the workplace. I tried to approach the topic through my experience as a journalist, especially considering what makes a good media manager.

I think the topic of leadership in media is particularly interesting so shortly after the scandal surrounding Roger Ailes at Fox News in the USA. As journalism continues to change at a blinding pace, the media business needs strong, sensitive leaders, who know how to deal with different types of problems.  Continue reading