Into the woods…

Hi all. It’s been a while since I last headed out to work as a video journalist, so it was high time that I got out and got my hands dirty again as a VJ (that’s what they are called in Germany). It’s always a good challenge: what with running the camera, giving the subject directions, asking good interview questions, checking sound levels and light… all at once!!!… working as a video journalist is the toughest job in journalism, I think.

Together with my colleague Friedel Taube, I set off to meet forester Peter Wohlleben out in the beautiful Eifel forest at Hümmel to shoot this piece. Wohlleben is a fascinating guy – he looks after one of the few remaining original forests left in Germany and he gave us a detailed tour of his ‘backyard’. Hope you like the results!

“Batting for Berlin”

I have mentioned it to many of you already: I am about to release a book, all about playing cricket in Germany. It’s called “Batting for Berlin”.

The book is due to be released in Australia on December 1, 2013 – you can order it ahead of time now here. For those in Germany (and the rest of the world) it should be available online on Amazon and iBooks by December here.

For more information on the book and what it’s all about, please head to the webpage of my publishers, Finch Publishing, who have put together a bit of a blurb.

Presenting again

WorldLink is DW’s flagship show on our english-language radio channel, and is produced here in our studios in Bonn, Germany. It focuses on the personal stories behind the headlines.

Although I spend most of my time on the environment and globalization beats, it’s always great to present this show, as it gets me back into the swing of international news. Have a listen…

We won a prize!

Grimme Online Award Winners 2013Together with my trainee intern colleagues at Deutsche Welle, I have finally won a prize. After 10 years of journalistic activity. Not bad, eh?

For our project “Plan B” – documenting young Europeans and how they are fighting back to beat the financial crisis – we won the prestigious Grimme Online Award. The Grimme is one of Germany’s most renowned journalism prizes. At the event in Cologne on Friday, there was a cocktail event and everything! Continue reading

Here’s my new site…

As part of my online portfolio, here’s a small website I am starting up. I want to link in some of my best work – on YouTube, Soundcloud and other websites. Hope you enjoy what you find!

Below is the first radio piece that I was able to do in my new role at Deutsche Welle, as an editor on the environment and globalization desk. It’s all about the health consequences of living close to wind farms.