We won a prize!

Grimme Online Award Winners 2013Together with my trainee intern colleagues at Deutsche Welle, I have finally won a prize. After 10 years of journalistic activity. Not bad, eh?

For our project “Plan B” – documenting young Europeans and how they are fighting back to beat the financial crisis – we won the prestigious Grimme Online Award. The Grimme is one of Germany’s most renowned journalism prizes. At the event in Cologne on Friday, there was a cocktail event and everything!

The evening was a non-stop marathon of social faux pas for me. Not only did I show up as the only man not in a suit, I mistakenly stood up three times before we were eventually allowed to go up on stage to get our prize. Also, I spent the latter part of the evening lecturing one very famous national broadcaster presenter how he could improve his program and make it more accessible. In retrospect, I really don’t think he took it all too kindly.

Anyway, the main thing is, the work we were commended on was good! If you want to have a look at the German version of this project head here.

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