Paradise downer

DSC_0926There’s nothing like getting away from the desk job and discovering somewhere new. Especially if you are on holiday and actually have some time to slow down, look around you and take some notice. With my better half, we opted to visit the Croatian island of Vis for the first time. How we got there is a weird story, but that – as Ofelia Harms would say – is not the point. Continue reading

Had to be done

Through all my time covering the environment beat in Germany, I can’t remember a more obvious story to cover than this one. Germany, a country that is hell-bent on improving it’s amount of renewable energy, is considering charging self-producers of energy an extra fee for the power they produce themselves.Picture 1

Although the new surcharge is mainly meant to hit big chemical and manufacturing companies that have on-site mini power stations, it also is due to affect those companies who have invested in renewable energies, for rooftop solar cells or wind turbines. Continue reading

Into the woods…

Hi all. It’s been a while since I last headed out to work as a video journalist, so it was high time that I got out and got my hands dirty again as a VJ (that’s what they are called in Germany). It’s always a good challenge: what with running the camera, giving the subject directions, asking good interview questions, checking sound levels and light… all at once!!!… working as a video journalist is the toughest job in journalism, I think.

Together with my colleague Friedel Taube, I set off to meet forester Peter Wohlleben out in the beautiful Eifel forest at Hümmel to shoot this piece. Wohlleben is a fascinating guy – he looks after one of the few remaining original forests left in Germany and he gave us a detailed tour of his ‘backyard’. Hope you like the results!