Forget the election… just for a few minutes

Trump_&_ClintonSometimes it’s hard to comprehend the level of hype surrounding this US election. I certainly have never seen anything like it in over 10 years working in journalism.

With just a week to go until it is finally over, now is a good time to remember that there are many other important stories and issues out there in our world, that are just as worthy of our attention as what is on the left. (Photo montage: Copyright CNN)

In the week leading up to November 8, I’ll be posting one story here each day which I reckon is worth a read.

When we all wake up on November 9, countries around the world will have to keep dealing with their own problems – not all of them can be fixed by Ms Clinton or Mr Trump. After all: it’s America making this choice, not all of us. 😉

Wednesday November 2
An Economist correspondent spends five days on board a MSF boat, rescuing migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean between Libya and Italy.
Thursday November 3
The leading cause of death for Australian men aged between 15 and 44 is suicide – and barely anyone seems to know it.
Friday November 4
Are Russia and the West actually in a new Cold War? Maybe good reading for Mr Trump too.
Saturday November 5
What is happening at the moment in Turkey is truly worrying.
Sunday November 6
Could we ever fly to places a little bit faster? It’s not as easy as it sounds.
Monday November 7
28 hours of battle in Mosul, Iraq: A CNN reporter and her cameraman are caught in the crossfire.
Tuesday November 8
Australia is looking to resettle asylum seekers held offshore – but it won’t say where.
Did that make a difference to what the world has been watching this last week? Probably not.
Did it make me feel better? Yes.

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