Europe: Aussie style

DPA offices SydneyIt’s been a month now since I started my new role as an editor at the Deutsche Presse Agentur (the German Press Agency, dpa). Based in the Sydney suburb of Rhodes, our office is responsible for editing work that comes in from dpa’s correspondents in over 100 countries around the world.

The job involves lots of fact-checking, liaising with correspondents and – most importantly – an eye for detail! The texts we then put on the wire go straight to our customers – local newsrooms all across the world, who then use the information as a basis for their reporting, or publish our stories directly.

The content is really varied: on one day we can be looking at the Thai referendum, a court case in China or gold medal winners in Brazil. We even do stories on Australia that are not just bushfires, croc attacks and surfing!!

It’s been a fascinating new experience for me, as I have wanted to work at a news agency for years to see how this branch of the media do their work.

Our office is also unique because we share it with a number of other European media outlets. From Norway to Belgium, Switzerland to Finland – my journalist colleagues have it covered, all while Europe sleeps.

That’s the 24 hour news system that the world wants, and that’s what’s delivered.

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