Back on air

So, I’m back on the horseABC news reader Leslie – reading the news and helping produce radio shows at ABC NewsRadio in Sydney. That didn’t take too long.

The team is great, the content is interesting and ever-changing, and the banana bread in the canteen is pretty good too. What more could you wish for? It’s interesting how landing at the ABC means that I have, in a way, come full circle.

Just this week, I stumbled across the website of my very first, semi-professional attempt at radio – the Monday Breakfast Show at community radio station, 2ser. The show was produced out of the top of the UTS Tower, just around the corner from my new place of work at the ABC in Ultimo.

Back then, as part of the show, my co-host Vijay Khurana and I used to have a real penchant for the outlandish. We regularly had fake guests and telephone interviews, crammed in way too many impersonations and we were obsessed with one-liners – especially just before we ‘threw’ to a song. It’s something that I’ve never really managed to incorporate into my media work since then sadly.

I took the show’s website down finally today, since our last broadcast was over 10 years ago.  It seemed like it was the least I could do. The shows are long forgotten, but the memories will stay forever. Here’s to the future!


One thought on “Back on air

  1. G’day Andre’ BrettMaina here. Welcome back to Oz! Mum and dad caught you on the telly the other night and told me all about the stories you are covering, they even typed you I believe 🙂 we were driving down Spencer Road, and I actually thought of you on the weekend… still living locally and working in North Sydney. Hope you are doing well mate, been awhile!! Ps, I read your book – batting for Burlin. I loved it so much I think I knocked it over in one day. Brett

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