Sports presenting on ABC TV

Since February I have been presenting sports on ABC News 24, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s round-the-clock TV news channel. The work is pretty full on – and on any given Saturday afternoon it can involve reporting on four different versions of “football” as well as coverage of sports as diverse as netball, surfing and V8 motorcars.

How do you win the Coleman Medal in the AFL? Where is The NRL Bunker located? And, what’s the original name for 1300 Smiles Stadium? I now know the answers to these very specific questions and more… even if you don’t want to know 😉

It’s been a great way to get back into the fast-moving and very active world of Aussie sports reporting. Sometimes, I feel that we are the most informed sporting public on the planet. My colleagues at ABC have helped me many times to get up to speed on things that I have missed out on in the last 10 years.

If they don’t mention it, I can be sure that one of my sports-mad mates in Sydney will let me know that I’ve missed something. You never know which of them might be watching. That is a nice aspect of presenting the national sports news: you know exactly who your demographic is and you try to provide them with the stories that matter.

Anyway, so…  I cut myself a short showreel, which you can view above. It’s just a small snapshot of the sorts of stories and style of presenting I have been working on. For me, it’s also a chance to compare my on-camera persona now, with myself way back in 2009, when I last did regular presenting. Aside from the (absolutely necessary) haircut change, I do feel that I improved in the way I present. You’d kind of hope so, wouldn’t you? It’s been over half a decade!


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